Early 90's dance party!

Im back! This is my first party snaps for 2011!

So when I was partying back in the 1990s there were 70s nights. Now its 2011 and the 90s is now the new 70s! How crazy is that!

Heres pics from the Early 90s dance party at Nightlight in Chapel Hill.

Heres the event flier. It was organized by a college radio station so I know there's going to be great music selections.

Kurt Cobain

Beastie Boys

Its hard to nail a 90s look but I think she just did.

Foggy glasses

These guys were still kissing

Hello ladies!

No Doubt and a flip-off.

Public Enemy

Justin Timberlake

Faith No More


This is where I am now

The Breeders, Radiohead , a face palm and still kissing.

And thats it!

Great fun!

Thanks for stopping by y'all!





A year in the life

I started this blog on January 1, 2010.
Here's what happened to me during that year.
(clicking on the picture links you to that post)

Went to the Penthouse club last year for NYE.
Instead of the dropping of the ball they had a blond
topless girl riding a flying chopper.

Went to the 700 Club. Not Pat Robertsons 700 Club but the 700 Club at Philly.

Somebody stole my license plate

Went to a Rave

Went to Atlantic city and won 100 dollars.

Valentines day at Sorted to find the one I love and who loves me but failed.

Saw Neon Indian at Voyeur

Found out what DJs actually do behind their booths.

I got laid!
-off  : (

But life goes on.

Went to an XX afterparty. This is JJ and XX

Went to see Dum Dum Girls and Girls.

Checked out a photo exhibit in NYC.

Went around and took pics of nearly extinct record stores in Philadelphia

Checked out Shadfest in Fishtown, Philadelphia

Went to Making Time on its 10th year anniversary.

Took my first wedding pics for Emily And Ryan.

Went to Paris

Went to Barcelona

Went to Chicago to visit my old college buddy Alvin

I relocated to North Carolina. Goodbye Philly. Its been awesome.
 I went to see Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Cats Cradle on Chapel Hill.

Checked out Moogfest at Asheville

Halloween @ Asheville

Took pics of the snow storm aftermath.

This was supposed to be 2011 written in the air.

And thats it. Happy new year!.

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