Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sit back, relax and sip summer

Visited Philippines!

Manila Bay


Security guards with machine guns in commercial areas

This is like the Mall of America but bigger

A spam kiosk

Its so big they have this to transport people to stores

This is supposed to be Manny Pacquiao

A Philippine segway.

An ice rink inside the mall

He has his own store


Then I went to Cebu and stayed at the Shangri la
Kubla Khan!

Went out diving with my cousin Boboy

Me pre dive
I should have given a thumbs up


Visited my dad

Bye Philippines

Stopped at Japan

And not a single fuck was given

My sister bought this green tea Kit Kat.
Good for St. Patricks day too

Then a stopover at Detroit
12 hour flight

I like the Detroit airport

Very futuristic
Detroit is the birthplace of Techno and its airport sure
does look like it.

Escalator of life

And that's it!