This is my most popular picture in Flickr. It has likes thousands of view and had been favorited by lots of people. Wonder why.

I just noticed recently that its very similar to the Suedes' Animal Nitrate album:

A subconscious snap perhaps?


Brodinski amd Dave

The unshavens

The star child

Owner slash bartender.

Its cheap night. I always get froths. Its probably the way I drink.


Agyness Deyn and friend

Not a poseur. Its really just cheap.

What time is it? Its time to party!

Leggings hot. 10 kittens at streetcarnage mos def.

Honor from Cerebral Ballzys a Brodinski fan?

This is like that scene in the ending of Blair Witch.

Somebody stole my license plate! So lucky I got home without a cop pulling me over coz you know..

View of Philly skyline from a patco train. This was the next day.

Sugar moms


Feels like the early 90s again.

There is no exit

One of these people pinched my ass

This guy had a portable pen light laser machine.

It made this light displays around the walls.

Awesome innit?

This shots boring. It needs some raver girl standing in front of it.


She created the art installations shown below:

The chillout room.

Then she gave me this button. It makes you hallucinate when you lick it. Just kidding.

This was in the Trainspotting scene were Ewan was having this bad trip:

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