Hottest Women of 2010

Sorry for the lack of pretty women pics. I have become shy again and can't get the courage to take a pic of a beautiful stranger. I've regressed again. It happens. It sucks. Anyway, if I was funny, smart, rich and good looking, I will be in a relationship with one of these women:

Mila Kunis - I've always liked her in that 70s show

Maria Ozawa - my favorite Japansese pornstar. What?? Is there anything wrong with that? Don't throw stones at her or me.

Alexa Chung - Hipsters favorite

Ashley Greene
Bar Rafaeli - Leonardo di Caprio incepted an idea to her in a dream within a dream within a dream that she will like him.

Brooklyn Decker - Hottest women named after one of NYCs most populous borough.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Odette Yustman

Olivia Munn - A favorite of nerds everywhere. Umm, being a cool guy, I happen to like her too.

Olivia Wilde - Too bad she's already married to a prince. Not Purple rain Prince but a real prince. Yeah as if you have a chance, right.

Megan Fox - Bad tattoo though
Maggie Q - If we're together and somebody picks a fight with me, I'll let her kick their ass for me

Malin Ackerman  - She's so funny in Childrens Hospital.

Stoya - I actually knew her when she used to be in Philly.
Jealous much?
Marisa Miller - She mentioned in Conan that she likes watching boxing and her fave is Manny Pacquiao.  Mr. Pacquiao, if you're reading this, contact Marisa Miller now!
Sasha Grey - Thinking mans pornstar.

And thats it! Objectifying people is so fun!

White Christmas the day after

There's this trail called the American Tobacco Trail thats near my sisters house.

Here's a pic of that trail last summer.

And here's a pic of it after the blizzard came by the day after Christmas:

And heres the rest of the pics

Snowboy's just chilling

Gutter downspout icicle

And thats it!

 I know some purists are very anti processed camera phone pics. They are like if it's not shot in film or in DLSR then its not photography. I say, its not really about the equipment, its how one uses it. (thats what she said)

Happy advanced New Year! Any good NYE parties out there? Can you invite me?

Happy HoliChristannukhawanzamas!



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