There was a rapture..

When I was in my grunge phase during the early 90s, one of my favorite bands
 were the Afghan Whigs. They were unique in a way that they didn't really sound grungy.
 They were more soul influenced. Sadly they broke up and its leader Greg Dulli formed a
 new band called Twilight Singers. And now I'm a big fan of them too.

10 years later...

He gained a lil weight but don't we all.

The opening act Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos were so so.

Twilight Singers. They really turned down the lights on this one and Greg Dulli asked people
not to use flash when taking pictures because it blinds him. So thats why my pics sucked.
Shutter was slow and it made everything blurry.

These women in the front row were bothering him. They kept talking to him during the set.
And they were all like grabbing the keyboard as shown in this pic.
Greg was like "Ladies! ladies! Your composure please!"
For a guy who has been accused of misogyny before because of some of his lyrics, he still
gets a lot of lady fans. Just like the rappers nowadays.

Set list

House party


A different day, a different show.

Red Hot Poker Dots

This is the Amococo Luminarium. Made in England by the Architects of Air.
It was inspired by the beauty of natural geometry and Islamic

You have to take off your shoes when inside because its all plastic and delicate.

I wandered around

Philly peeps.

I'm just chillin

Nike was all like Just do it!

Where the Chosen ones should had been last May 21.

Earth is such a cute lil guy isn't he.

Reminds me of Badminton

Ultima Foto!


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