A voyeur at Voyeur

 So Making Time guys, can I be on a guestlist sometime.

Pics for free tix?

Neon Indian

It only looks like he's doing it but he is just supporting her.

I got scolded for taking a pic of this. You dont see his/her face anyway so its ok.

New logo finally

I think its about how fierceness has no voice or something

Double Fisting

My docs. Morrissey wore this on one of his shows.
Which is this one:

Its at the 3:47 mark at the end where you can see the shoe.

The 4 am commute

I took a pic of me sleeping.
Goodnight, sweet prince.

Awesome song

More pics at Shadowscene and Phrequency

Pic taken by Ellei of the famous Shadowscene. Shes hot.

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

So I went to New York  to get my passport.

Gershwin Hotel


Shake Shack is like their In and Out. In and Outs better.

There was some building on fire or something.

Then I'm back in NJ.
The "Rock" really has come a long way since his wrestling days.

I went to Voyeur for Making Time for Neon Indian. I'll post that later on.

So when I got home I was hungry and I decided to get some minestrone soup from Genuardi's and this is what happened. Make sure to open it a little a bit when you heat it up.

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