Chicago part 3

Went to Chicago Aragon Ballroom for Silversun Pickups

It was designed to look like a Spanish Village.

People used to call it the "The Aragon Brawlroom" 

Alvin and Erin

Henry Clay People

Against Me

Silversun Pickups

The Aftermath

Silversun setlist
Piggyback ride.

Went to see the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Montrose Harbor

Went downtown the next day.

Come to my window!


A baseball game at Wrigley Field on 4th of July. It's so very Americanesque.

This is what happens to former Cubs.
We didn't watch the game just hanged around.
The guy is like I wished we were there..

I was getting hungry and told Alvin let's go..

So we went to this place.

Will Ferrels' restaurant.

And thats  it for Chicago!
Bye, take care!
Oohh yeaaah!

Save Ferris!

Chicago part 2

Hanging out at the dog beach

 Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier

 Architectural boat ride

Lake Point Tower.
Originally 4 sided but was changed to 3 sides because they
realized people would have a direct view of anothers apartment.
If Milla Jovovich was my neighbor, this would have been ok with me.

Marina City
Corncob building.

The tour guide said something about some female opera singer
and how she couldn't join the opera in New York or something
and the husband who was the architect designed this building in
a way that's insulting to NY but I wasn't really listening because
I got distracted by this:

Inspiration for Guitar hero

Totally forgot what these buildings were.

Anyway, I learned the reason Chicago has so many varied modern 
Architectural styles is because back in the day they had this great fire
which burned most of their original buildings. 
Because of this they got to start all over again.
So if you want your city to be modern, burn it.

Water tower.
The one structure that didn't get burned thats why it looks so old.

The famous tower formerly named as Sears. Tallest building in the USA.

Of course we had to go to the top.

103rd floor.

The new skydeck at Willis.
Feels like you're floating.

The blond kid was like "I dont want to look down".

South side.

East side.
Lake Michigan view.

North Side.

Then we went down.
103 floors in a minute.
Thats how long it takes the elevator in the building I used to worked for to get to third floor.

Fourth of July and Silversun Pickups' pics coming soon!

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