Record Store Day and Party

on Record Store Day

Here's a link of pics from last years
Record Store day in Philadelphia :

I was gonna buy some vinyl then I realized I don't have one of these.

I gotta get a business card or a sticker for this site.
I'm so unprofessional.


I went to this bar to get some burger and a beer.
I left my wallet at my sisters house and I had
to go all the way back there and return to pay them.

I need this.

Then I went to Raleigh to Schoolkids records which
according to Time was one of top 10 indie record store in the U.S.
This was by the way during the tornado.
It was really raining hard when I took this pic.
I suffer for my art..

This is what Itunes would look like if it was a physical store.

I really need to get a record player.

Raveonettes was supposed to play but cancelled
because of the storm.
They were smarter than me.

"Say hello to my little friend!"

Then I went to Southern Rail
for some party pics!
The party pics are back!

Party hard!

The Me room.

So if you guys want me to take pics of your
event/party, contact me:


Jessee's Coffee & Bar

Checked out a music fest at Jessee's.

It felt like I was in SXSW.

My ugly bald head peeking

I'm guessing he's a UNC alumni.

Then I wandered around:

I can make a good movie location scout, don't I.

Mata Ne!

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