Moogfest 2014

Hey everybody, Im back! Miss me? No? why not? Im very forgettable? really? oh well. anyway..

Went to Moogfest down in Asheville, NC

Wandered around
Took a landscape pic at Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Saw this dude with high heels. Very New York Dolls like.

Just some random pic of wigs. 

Store just selling capes.

Moog Music Inc. 

Dan Deacon durational performance. 3pm to 7pm

Hi Yacth!

Then I went to see that dude who played guitars on Daft Punk album! haha j/k. Chic!

They're making a new album!

He played all these cover songs like Madonna's Like a virgin, David Bowie's Lets dance, Duran Duran's Notorious. I was like why is he playing covers then I realized he actually wrote those songs.

He invited the audience for dancing on the stage.

Bye Nile

Then I went to see the DFA showcase. You know they are too old to be new and too new to be classic. First up is
Museum of Love. The lead singer used to be in LCD.

Crystal Ark

Then the highlight of the night : Factory Floor!

They sound so good live!

Then thats it! Bye

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