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Went to Philly for Memorial day weekend

Stopped by Baltimore. Good thing there wasn't any riots.

Then I'm back in Philly!

Checked out Spruce Street Harbor Park.


3 building, 3 women. 

My head shadow


Tripod companies must hate the selfie sticks.


Drank Yards at Franford Hall.

The cliche picture of Philly City Hall




I really like the Cira center. Reminds me of that 2001 monolith

Then I went to my old fave party Making Time! They been having parties for 15 years! Hey look its Jamezilla!





Tecate is the new PBR!

Dave and Sammy

Teressa and friend. I used to check out her pics in Phrequency. She's a great music photog too. Check out her site : Tresmack

They should put a real fish in there sometime.

Just like old times!


Tess and Mike!

I thought that blond girl was Cat Marnell

What happened to PBR?

Then I went to DC for memorial day.

They recreated a Paris cafe/restaurant
Kissing birds



Lady in red


And thats it! Bye!

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