Valentine's Day Weekend part 2

Headed to New York.

Always a line at this place even before Sex and the City.

Meg Ryan wasn't there.

Ate pizza at the famous Johns Pizzeria at Bleeckers.

This is what a real New York style pizza looks like. They don't serve slices so I ordered a medium. Its a brick oven pizza so it has that brick oveny taste. Yummy.

Max Fish was supposed to close this year but it got extended for another year.

Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, David Bowie etc. used to hang here during the 70's.
No wait, thats Max's Kansas City not Max Fish!
I always get the two mixed up.

Went to drink a little bit at Jane Hotel

Standard hotel

Lindsey the Playboy bunny at a Marc Jacobs store.



Here kitty kitty

Sup cat

Kenny Scharf art

Alec street art

 David Spade's (the actor) brother, Andy owns this store, Jack Spade. I wonder why he named it Jack?

Took the subway. I think this is Banksy.

And thats it! Hope you enjoyed it!

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