Barcelona part 3

Sagrada Familia again. Architect Gaudi started this in 1883 and it's still not finished. Another architect has taken over and they think they'll be done in 2026. They are not in a rush. But the worlds gonna end at 2012 so it's a futile project. 
Just kidding.


Then we went to Montserrat. Its a monastery on a mountaintop. This is where they have the Black Madonna

Snow globe black Madonna?


This is what you're supposed to do and all your wishes are granted.

Its a kind of wine inside this weird looking pitcher.

This is how Catalans drink it or so the guide tells us. The porron should had been higher. But I'm not good at aiming so I kept it close. Its like an early form of a shot.
I wished it was whiskey.

 Cemetery terraces




 And then thats Spain! There were no Penelope Cruz sightings. Maybe next time.

Barcelona part 2

Joan Miro at La Rambla

I was looking for Penelope Cruz but she wasn't there.

Still more pics coming up for Spain! Stay tuned!

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