Mountain, people, animals and moon.

Went to Grandfather mountain to get my Ansel Adams on.

Swinging bridge


Lets look inside..

Black Crow. These birds are smart.
Check out these vid:
They're like the dolphins of the bird species.

Just your typical dumb bird.
Just kidding bird.

These pics were taken actually at my sisters house. And this bird always hangs out in this post.

This is called the Red Bird. I don't know why they called them that.

My sister's pet budigie, Charlie.
He's probably like "One day I will be free!"

I woke this bear up from his hibernation so I can take his pic.

Golden eagle.

Young deer at my sisters backyard.

The sun is like nature's flash.


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Xray Eyeballs

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Last Year's Men

Spider Bags

Xray Eyeballs

Carly Rabais is also a great photographer.
I'm a fan of her work.
Check out her site:

Game Over!

Then I headed home.

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