Paris part 4

La Cinematheque Francais. This is where the auteur theory started.
Frank Gehry designed this building.
French directors that I like:  Eric Rohmer, Luc Besson, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Claude Chabrol. Godard is too deep for me although I liked Breathless.

This is a  real Oscar statue.
Its for Henri Langlois.
He's the cofounder of the Cinematheque.

There was like a full orchestra playing in their subways

French love the Smart Cars. They are everywhere.

Paris is also very bike friendly. Almost everybody uses the bike there.

They have these all over the city where you
can rent them, then ride it to
wherever you want and when you're
done you just find a nearby bike
parking spot like the one shown
above.You don't have to
return it to the original location. Cool.

Even sodas have special designer
edition now.
I wonder how much it costs. By the way, Diet Coke in Paris is Coke Light.
More pics coming up for Barcelona, and Lourdes France.
Stay tuned!


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