Paris part 3

Somewhere around Les Halles

Pompidou Center.
All the building elements are shown like the plumbing pipes, ducts, encased electrical wires instead of being hidden. 

Back to Montmarte, the Williamsburg of Paris.
Dali, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and Modigliani had studios around here.  Also Moulin Rouge is located near here which I didn't know until now.

Gotta have crepes. Philadelphia have cheesesteaks, Paris has crepes. Cheap and yummy.

 They really do wear berets there. 
He's like please dont take le pic of me.

Notre Dame
Quasimodo was here

Caught him tagging.

Arc de Triomphe

 You can actually climb up the Arc.

So I did.
Here's the spiral stairs looking down.

It rained on and off  but it was cool because the clouds made it look dramatic.

It cleared up

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