Born to be wild


Cool waiting shed

Lilac Shadows

Forgot the name of this band

Why do I always feel like Morrissey

I'm drunk. Let's fuck.

Durham rocks

Street photography

She saw me checking her out. tee hee hee

Went to Bull City Rumble, a motorbike fest. All the motorbikes are represented like Hogs..


Crotch rockets...

to whatever these are..

Forget bikes. The real reason I went is to check out the rockabilly chicks

oh nothing, just coming out of a bar on my Vespa.

Hello Mr. DJ, this is the 50s calling. We want our 45 vinyls back.

Just a guy using a vintage Singer1920s sewing machine patching patches

Lots of vendors selling old timey stuff like this Proto Microsoft Word.

Ok Im all motorbiked out!

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