I was thinking of posting pictures of the Snowpocalypse 2010!  but it was so cold out to take pics. I had a Netflix watch instantly movie marathon instead.

So here are some of the movies I watched:

A big fan of John Carpenter and Stephen King. 

Keith Gordon was good in it. He's a director now.

Here's pre-baywatch Alexandra Paul. She was hot.

 Chevy Chase is getting hot again. Kevin Smith is thinking of remaking this.

Its all ball bearing nowadays.

Young Geena Davis was in it. She's hot. Whatever happened to her.

The Lonely Guy
 Im a big fan of Steve Martin, Charles Grodin and Loneliness.

Charles Grodins' Warren is a scene stealer.

I wanted to see Natassja Kinski. I miss seeing her in the movies

The cinematography in this film is gorgeous. 



Natassja Kinski was supposed to play the Jewish girl in Inglorious Basterds by the way. She's hot. Whatever happened to her too.

Another Carpenter movie. When I last saw this, it was on VHS tape and it was all blurry.

Jeff Bridges was so good in it that he got nominated for Best actor.

Karen Allens hot in it too.

Presumed Innocent with Ford. Good courtroom thriller with a twist in the end.

Gretta Scacchi was in it too. Whatever happend to her. She's hot.

These are all available in Netflix watch instantly. So if you already have Netflix, you can watch it...err instantly.

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