NYE 2010!

So it was either the same NYE party I've been going to the past decade or a titty bar. "Gentlemans Club".  I was feeling horny that night so..

Shot girl

This bike went down at 12.

Then she rode it. A naked girl riding a chopper pwns the dropping of the ball at Times Square on NYE or any other place for that matter.

She rode off into the stars, never to be seen again.

Then they took all their clothes off. I think they were just the customers not the performers. At this point the bouncers were like dude stop taking pics.

So I went for the free buffet.

These are the spot lights you see from afar. Now you know.
This reminds me of that Robert Rodriguez film From Dusk till Dawn.

This is the one pic I took at Barbary

Happy New Year!

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