700 CLUB

People are like wheres the party pics? Enough of that boring cliche Holga random pics. We wanna see people getting wasted and dancing and.....

...Im like alright alright, this is gonna be the one.
Actually nobody asked me that. I made that up.

So I realized I never took pics at the 700 Club before. So I decided to go there one Saturday night.

The DJ area had its own personal toilet.

ISL was the DJ so this is gonna be good.

I like the new look.

Darn it! I didnt get the guy!

After I took this pic one of the girls told me to ask permission first.

It was packed. The 700 club always has that house party vibe.

She's like don't take a pic of me, Im like can I take a pic of your calves instead? And she's like ok.

..and thats it. My first party pic post in 2010. I think there's few parties left in me. I'm getting old.
Arrested Development much.

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