Hottest Women of 2010

Sorry for the lack of pretty women pics. I have become shy again and can't get the courage to take a pic of a beautiful stranger. I've regressed again. It happens. It sucks. Anyway, if I was funny, smart, rich and good looking, I will be in a relationship with one of these women:

Mila Kunis - I've always liked her in that 70s show

Maria Ozawa - my favorite Japansese pornstar. What?? Is there anything wrong with that? Don't throw stones at her or me.

Alexa Chung - Hipsters favorite

Ashley Greene
Bar Rafaeli - Leonardo di Caprio incepted an idea to her in a dream within a dream within a dream that she will like him.

Brooklyn Decker - Hottest women named after one of NYCs most populous borough.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Odette Yustman

Olivia Munn - A favorite of nerds everywhere. Umm, being a cool guy, I happen to like her too.

Olivia Wilde - Too bad she's already married to a prince. Not Purple rain Prince but a real prince. Yeah as if you have a chance, right.

Megan Fox - Bad tattoo though
Maggie Q - If we're together and somebody picks a fight with me, I'll let her kick their ass for me

Malin Ackerman  - She's so funny in Childrens Hospital.

Stoya - I actually knew her when she used to be in Philly.
Jealous much?
Marisa Miller - She mentioned in Conan that she likes watching boxing and her fave is Manny Pacquiao.  Mr. Pacquiao, if you're reading this, contact Marisa Miller now!
Sasha Grey - Thinking mans pornstar.

And thats it! Objectifying people is so fun!

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